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08-03-2018 08:38

The feminine side of Echo Investment

Women constitute half of the employees of the Echo Investment Group. They are 210 excellent specialists and experienced managers who find fulfilment, get promoted and achieve success in finance, sale of apartments, HR department or marketing but also in leasing, valuations, at construction sites, in IT or design.

“We want women and men at Echo Investment to feel good and to be assessed for their competences and not for what gender they are. We give all employees equal opportunities to find fulfilment at work and participate in development programmes. A large group of girls perform jobs that were reserved for men until recently, for example they successfully work at construction sites. Every tenth our female colleagues got a promotion and a greater scope of responsibility last year. A dozen or so are currently on maternity leave and they all know that we want them to be able to get back to work at the right time. We make every effort to make ladies working at Echo able to feel fulfilled in their family and professional lives,” says Sylwia Jaworska, director of the HR Department at Echo Investment.

What is it like for girls to work at Echo Investment? Four of them told us about their work, career, combining job duties with bringing up children and development opportunities.

We invite you to watch the video on Echo Investment’s YouTube channel.