Our strategy - Echo Investment


Our strategy

Echo Investment is the largest Polish development company which builds projects in the office, retail and residential sectors. Our strategy of profitable growth is based on three pillars:

Poland – we focus on eight of the most important cities in the country. It is the strongest real estate market in the region. We are very familiar with its realities and principles because we have over 20 years experience on this market. It is the capital we will be utilizing.

leading position – our inspiration is to become the leader on each market we are working on: office, retail  and residential. It enables us to optimise our resources and provides us with an appropriate scale.

development activity – we build, rent and sell completed projects. Our assumption is that we do not make money on the lease of retail or office space because we do not keep completed projects in our balance sheet.

Our strategy envisages cooperation with our majority shareholder on market basis. Companies from the PIMCO-Oaktree-Griffin group can commission Echo Investment to carry out development, consulting and rental services. They can also be co-investors of development projects or potential buyers of newly-built retail, office or residential projects.

Echo Investment’s ambition is to build large, mixed-use and city-forming projects. We want to create places where city residents can function, which are convenient for working, living, entertaining and satisfying all needs. The projects carried out by Echo Investment are meant to promote an urban lifestyle and attract people all day long.

Fast capital turnover is meat to generate a higher yield for shareholders. We want to share our profits by annual dividend payments