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24-08-2017 10:16

Diverse - popular Polish brand in Libero

Another Polish brand – a shop of the Diverse clothing brand with an area of 300 sqm – has joined Galeria Libero which is developed by Echo Investment in the south of Katowice.

“We always choose the location of our stores carefully. We take into consideration the geographical aspect as well as the standard offered by the facility. Libero combined both of these things – lack of a similar offer in the south of the city,  easy access to the mall as well as good quality of architecture and the interior offered by the investor. Diverse is a modern brand which was created for active people who appreciate convenience and urban, casual lifestyle. So we wanted to open a shop in a location which is associated with modern lifestyle and comfort,” says Krystian Essel, development director at Diverse.

“We focus on the variety of the offer in Libero. We also ensure this variety among fashion tenants. We invited popular international brands as well as traditional Polish ones to Libero. Diverse is one of the most recognizable fashion brands in our country. Its presence in Libero will certainly please everyone who likes comfort, quality and style,” says Tomasz Domoń, regional leasing director at Echo Investment.

Diverse is one of the leading fashion brands in Poland. It was founded in 1993 and since then it has been meeting original requirements of active people who appreciate comfort, quality and style. Its team of professionals provides a strong foundation of the company, which involves a lot of creative ideas and solid solutions. Thanks to the professional work of designers the cuts and colours of its collections are in line with the latest trends on the global market. Shops of the Diverse brand offer top sales standards which guarantee effective operations and provide a unique character of the outlets.

The construction of Galeria Libero is on schedule. Advanced commercialization process is conducted regardless of the progressing construction work. Over 70 pct of Libero’s retail area has been leased. Libero is characterized by its excellent location at the junction of Kościuszki Street and Kolejowa Street, which are used by over 15,000 vehicles per hour at peak times. The redevelopment of the road layout near Libero started in July this year. Echo Investment signed a contract with Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Drogowo-Inżynieryjnego S.A. concerning the construction of a new crossroads. The completion of the redevelopment is planned for March 2018. Libero is planned to be opened in spring 2018.