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04-01-2016 14:15

Malta Office Park obtains BREEAM In-Use certificates

The Malta Office Park complex, which was built by Echo Investment in Poznań, has obtained BREEAM In-Use certificates with the ‘Very Good’ rating.

The Malta Office Park project obtained two kinds of BREEAM In-Use certificates. The first one is Asset (which refers to energy efficiency, materials, location and transport, among others) and Building Management (which evaluates building management, relations with tenants, consumption of utilities and waste management). The facility in Poznań obtained the ‘Very Good’ ratings in both cases (with a score of 62.11 and 61.25 pct respectively).

Echo Investment’s portfolio includes 23 buildings which hold BREEAM certificates, they are: six Malta Office Park buildings, Nobilis business House, three Opolska Business Park buildings, Tryton Business House, West Gate Q22, two Park Rozwoju buildings in Warsaw, Aquarius Business House in Wrocław, the first stage and the second stage of A4 Business Park in Katowice, Oxygen in Szczecin (2 BREEAM In-Use certificates: Building Management and Asset Rating) as well as Galeria Amber in Kalisz, Galaxy in Szczecin, Galeria Olimpia in Bełchatów and Galeria Echo in Kielce.

BREEAM In-Use is a multi-criteria system. A building is assessed in nine categories including: management, energy, transport, water, materials, waste, ecology and pollution. Replies to individual questions in a questionnaire are converted into percentages which determine the certification result. There are three types of certificates, each of them evaluates different elements of the property: Part 1 – Asset characterizes the building, its energy efficiency, materials, conditions related to its indoor environment, the location, transport and ecology; Part 2 – Building Management evaluates building management, relations with tenants, utility consumption monitoring and waste management; 3 – Organisational determines how tenants manage their operations in the building.