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11-10-2017 14:43

A loan of over EUR 67.5 mln for construction of Libero

Echo Investment has concluded a contract with Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. as an agent as well as Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas S.A. concerning a loan of over EUR 67.5 mln and a VAT loan of PLN 12 mln. The funds will be used for the construction of Galeria Libero in Katowice.

“We would like to thank very much for the trust of respectable banking institutions, which was confirmed by the signing of the above-mentioned loan agreement. We are glad that our current financial partner – Bank Zachodni WBK as an agent and BGŻ BNP Paribas – will deliver funds for the construction of Echo Investment’s projects, this time it will be Libero – one of our flagship developments. It is excellent that we will have an opportunity to jointly celebrate the success of the project after its opening,” says Grzegorz Iwański, director of Echo Investment’s Funding Department.

Libero is a new exciting place on the retail map of Katowice – a fresh look at shopping, entertainment, recreation and sport. It is a friendly and comfortable area which has been designed in a thoroughly modern way, however, it features a classical approach to aesthetics. It is a place for meetings, inspiration, fascination and simply having a good time.

More than 150 shops, numerous restaurants, cafes, a cinema multiplex, a fitness club – Libero is the only place in the region to include such extensive sports and recreational offer. It also contains a modern urban square featuring fountains, an amphitheatre, a skate park, an ice rink and some areas for relaxation, stationary games and other outdoor activities.